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5 Tubes Green 40% TKTX Numbing Cream

5 Tubes Green 40% TKTX Numbing Cream

US$ 68.99
  • Detail
    • Original TKTX, 100% Authenti, Official Website, 100% Guarantee Shopping from

    • 40% numbing (Deep Numb)-Pink Cream
    • 30 minutes super fast numb
    • Fast-acting lasting 3 – 5 hours
    • Apply the ointment covering the entire desired location, approximately 1.5 mm thick;
    • Cover the area with plastic wrap and wait 30 to 40 minutes;
    • Each tube efficiently serves an area of approximately 15 x 15 centimeters;


    • Green TKTX 40% Tattoo Deep Numbing Cream
    • Item: TKTX Green Tattoo Numbing Cream
    • Weight: 10g/tube
    • Period of time: 2 years
    • Is this genuine TKTX Numbing Cream?
    • All our products have genuine holographic, anti-counterfeit labels.
    • Shipped From:  The US Warehouse 


    • Warning:
    • Store above 0°C and below 30°C.
    • For external use only.
    • Do not put this product into rectum.
    • Cap tube tightly when not in use.
    • SAFETY WARNING! Patch test recommended before full usage, do not use if you are allergic, e.g. feeling burn, rash and redness. Avoid interaction with the eye and keep it away from children.

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5 Tubes Green 40% TKTX Numbing Cream
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Customer Reviews

Verified Buyer


So I used this as directed. Followed the directions on the package. I put it on about 2 hours before I got my tattoo & wiped off the remaining cream about a half hour before he started my tattoo. It worked wonders!!! I only felt little pinches when he was shading the butterflies (totally bearable) but with the whole outline of the tattoo I felt NOTHING at all. Highly recommend for anyone who is like me and doesn’t have a high pain tolerance but wants tattoos. I’ll definitely be using this product again for more tattoos
Verified Buyer


This has been the first numbing cream that actually worked on me. Everyone’s skin is different I put it on 1 hours before my appointment and got a solid 2 hours off numbness. I will buy again. Definitely try this out.
Verified Buyer


Alice Brooks
I don't know about it lasting 3hrs, but I followed the directions and it worked well for the hour I was getting a tattoo. I recommend it , especially for the tender areas.
Verified Buyer


Evelyn Rodríguez
This was the first time I’ve ever used numbing cream, and it worked amazingly!! I applied it an hour before my tattoo appointment, wrapped it in plastic wrap, then turned my heated seat on to activate the numbing cream. I couldn’t even feel her tattooing me at all!!! The tattoo took about 2.5 hours and my leg stayed numb for another 1-2 hours after the tattoo. Definitely will be using this again
Verified Buyer


Fabian Valdez
Worked great and made it through the whole sesh!!! Really was a tickle and not painful at all…
Verified Buyer


Gilda Bess
Numbed my whole session. I like tktx.
Verified Buyer


Heather Pineda
This product works amazing!! You must use it generously though. Apply a super thick layer, wrap in saran wrap and then put on warm clothing to allow it to soak in. I had the best results putting it on about 1.5-2 hours prior to starting the tattoo. The product lasted for a few hours once wiped off. I highly recommend!!
Verified Buyer


Got this for a sternum tattoo and I put a good amount on about a hour and a half before the tattoo and I couldn’t even feel the needle at all or really anything. Highly recommend, going to be using it for all my tattoos going forward
Verified Buyer


It was delayed a bit but it was delay from the post office. Excellent communication with the seller super friendly and I recommend it 200%. I will continue to buy more from this store.
Don't forget my member points!
Verified Buyer


...Got me through a 4 hour session, no pain... well, more like 3.5 hours...The last 20 -30 mins was Going back for my 2nd session and will definitely be using this brand again!
Verified Buyer


Jack Kalvser
Best Cream! Best Customer Service Team!
This cream is 10/10 my go to for large tattoo work!!
It works so well, and doesn’t irritate my skin!
The customer service team is wonderful and has your back!
Verified Buyer


Jack Kalvser
This cream is 10/10 my go to for large tattoo work!!
It works so well, and doesn’t irritate my skin!
The customer service team is wonderful and has your back!
Verified Buyer


Noelle Wilde
Good product but disappointed with shipping
I had ordered express shipping over a week in advance to make sure my numbing cream would be here on time for my tattoo appointment. It arrived later than it was supposed to resulting in me having to go to my tattoo appointment without it.
Service:You should choose usps first class shipping
Verified Buyer


Kaitlin Seastrunk
Must buy!
I am working on a leg sleeve and this product is a must! It gives me a solid 4-5 hours of complete numbness!
Verified Buyer


Shelley Lanis
My daughters and I have used this cream so many times for our tattoos. Our skin stays numb the entire length of the tattoo. Would definitely recommend. My tattoo artist will niw be trying this cream. Thanks so much tktx cream!
Verified Buyer


Jessica Goral
Works great
This helped me survive a very large piece with heavy black. I have several more sessions left and have purchased more product accordingly. Makes a huge difference, thanks!
Verified Buyer


Paul Lally
Works great but not thrilled about the price
Verified Buyer


Green 40% TKTX Numbing Cream
The best! My clients didn't feel any pain at all.
Verified Buyer


Richard Risner
TKTX works.
Don’t be afraid of long sessions. Use TKTX and get more done.
Verified Buyer


Albert Colon
Excellent for Tattoos!
Its preferred by most of my clients… the more complete numbing takes 45 min to an hour… and grants immunity from pain for almost 1.5-2 hours on average… highly recommended! Also delivers promptly!