Nov 18, 2023

Recently, we received feedback from customers who doubted our tktx cream. Because they consulted the so-called official tktx, the official tktx told them that the sellers other than them were fake products.
For customers' questions, we make necessary responses
1. The brand tktx comes from Shenzhen, China, not Hong Kong
2. Tktx has more than one anti-counterfeiting label, and there are at least three kinds of anti-counterfeiting labels circulating on the market
3. tktx has no so-called British version, American version, or Canadian version, and there is only one version in the world
4. Green tktx has lidocaine is 5%
5. We provide free postage for one tube for the purchased customers. Customers can buy one tube and go back to test the effect. Usually, it will be delivered to the customer in 3-5 days (no delivery on Saturdays and Sundays)
6. Liar mall will tell you that all tktx malls except them are selling fake products.
7. Our mall has more than 12,000 customers, half of them are repeat buyers. No product can be 100% effective. Therefore, we have also met many customers who replied that the product has no effect on him. Usually, for such customers, we will suggest him to change to other colors of tktx, or for unopened tktx cream Return it to us (we do not provide return labels)

8. We promise that our tktx cream is genuine, and we do not judge whether other companies' tktx is genuine. We can trust Google, Google will not push counterfeit products to users.

9. We once invited Youtube blogger to test our products

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