What is the strongest numbing cream? – TKTX-USA


What is the strongest numbing cream?
Answer: Without a shadow of a doubt the best tattoo numbing cream on the market today is TKTX. TKTX numbing cream is unmatched in its ability to completely numb the are of skin before a tattoo session. TKTX is a unique formula unused by anybody else that has a 40% deep numbing effect after a simple application. Depending on the size of the tattoo your getting you can work out the length of time you need to leave the cream on before your sitting. For a large tattoo (4hrs sitting) its a good idea to leave the cream on up to a hour before hand, for a small one 20 minutes should suffice.

Does TKTX numbing cream work?
Answer: Yes, it most defiantly does work! TKTX tattoo numbing cream is a unique formula that ensures deep numbness up to five hours after applying. Every day 1,000s of people apply the cream before getting a tattoo to ensure a completely pain free session. No other tattoo numbing cream comes even close to TKTX

Whats the best numbing cream for tattoos US?
Answer: This is an easy one! TKTX tattoo numbing cream is simply unbeatable. TKTX Tattoo numbing cream has been used for years bey 1,000s upon 1,000s of tattoo enthusiasts ensuring a completely spin free session. Why would you choose not to use it? Instead of flinching and taking numbers breaks due to the pain simply apply TKTX tattoo numbing cream up to an hour before your sitting.

How do you use TKTX numbing cream?
Answer: It’s easy to use TKTX tattoo numbing cream. Depending on the procedure to be done, ie a large tattoo or lip fillers all depends on the length of time you leave the numbing cream on before the procedure. Ok, let’s say your getting a large tattoo requiring a 4 hour sit down session. In this case you apply a thick layer of TKTX tattoo numbing cream to the required area then cover it in cling film and up to an hour before the procedure, the will ensure the ultimate ‘deep numbing’ for up to 5 hours! For lip fillers, apply the cream again to the required area 20 odd minutes before the procedure, this will ensure a pain free lip filler session!

Is it bad to put numbing cream on before a tattoo?
Answer: No. When applied correctly TKTX tattoo numbing cream is highly effective, totally eliminating any pain and so allowing the tattoo artist to comfortably carry on with his work without you flinching or having to take too many breaks.

Whats the strongest tattoo numbing cream?
Answer: With out a shadow of a doubt the strongest tattoo numbing cream on the market today is TKTX tattoo numbing cream. When applied correctly and for the required amount of time before the procedure (20 – 60minutes) TKTX ‘deep numbing effect is unmatched.

How long does numbing cream last for tattoos?
Answer: 3 – 5 hours depending on the type of TKTX tattoo numbing cream used and the length go time its allowed to sink into the skin before the procedure starts. No other numbing cream lasts as long or numbing as well as TKTX creams and that’s a well known fact

Why do tattoo artists hate numbing cream?
Answer: In a nutshell this is a miff! The tattoo artist would much prefer you not to be in pain and also able to keep still through out the whole process! If you apply the numbing cream yourself before the procedure (thus not waisting the artists time) there should be no problem whatsoever. It was thought in the old days numbing cream ‘wrinkled’ the skin so not allowing the artist to work correctly, but your have to apply one hell of a lot of TKTX tattoo numbing cream and one hell of a long time for this to ever happen!