Precautions after tattoos – TKTX-USA

Precautions after tattoos

(1) 5-7 hours after the tattoo, tear off the cling film or gauze, rinse the tattoo wounds with warm water, and do not use soap and body soap.  

(2) It is normal for the wound to ooze blood 1-2 days after the tattoo. Do not apply trauma ointment at will, and do not touch the wound with your hands. 

(3) Ensure that the wound is clean and dry. After bathing or after a lot of exercise, use a dry tissue to moisten the surface of the wound. 

(4) The wound should not be treated with alcohol or iodine to prevent infection. Oral anti-inflammatory drugs for trauma can be taken orally.

(5) Before the wound is healed, do not drink alcohol or spicy food, and do not swim in the sauna (only warm water rinse)   

(6) Itching a few days after the completion of the tattoo, picking up the scab, peeling, do not scratch the wound, do not scratch the tattoo with your hands The position will affect the color of the tattoo. Wear loose and comfortable clothes.

(7) Pay attention to the hygiene of the wound. You must take a bath after the tattoo. You should wash it every day, but don’t rub the skin of the tattoo area too hard. Be careful not to use irritating bath lotion, soap and the like, and the bath time should not be too long. You can take a shower, but you should not take a bath or swim. If your skin recovers well, it will heal in about 10 days. In the future, you should consciously protect the tattooed area (if the tattooed skin is injured, it will affect the color. In severe cases, it will be necessary. Complementary color). And before the tattoo is completely restored, try not to drink, do not eat seafood and spicy food, because these will cause redness, itching and even allergic symptoms at the tattoo site, which may easily cause adverse consequences for the tattoo.