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How TKTX Cream Works--Lidocaine!

What Is Lidocaine?
Lidocaine is an anesthetic agent. It works to block the signals your nerve endings send out, preventing you from feeling pain. It isn’t like a general anesthetic,You don’t go to sleep or get drowsy.

Before a doctor, dermatologist, or dentist performs a procedure on you while you’re fully awake, they’ll use lidocaine (or something similar) to prevent you from feeling pain. They’ll usually inject it into the treatment area and allow it to get to work before they begin the procedure.
It can take lidocaine about 30-40 minutes to get to work blocking the sensation from nerves. It wears off after a few hours. Lidocaine works differently for different people. For some people, it may only work for about 30 minutes. For others, it can last as long as 3-5 hours.

How Does Lidocaine Work for Tattoos?

The nerve endings affected by a tattoo will have difficulty relaying a pain signal to your brain, which means you won’t feel the full tattoo. It waters down the sensation, making it easier to tolerate a tattoo session for longer.

Lidocaine for tattoos is a topical product, like a cream or a gel. Lidocaine for tattoos isn’t injected into the skin and doesn’t need to be. Tattoo pain is fairly close to the skin's surface because the needle only goes up to two millimeters deep.