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A Customer Said that......

Hi guys! I have a little story about my experience with this cream as well as a little inquiry.

I started a full back piece when I was young because I'm very good at making big decisions when I'm manic. I chose a sketchy artist because he was cheap, fast, and available. He ended up only doing the outline and managed to cut and scar up my entire back and butt. I thought something was wrong but just sat through it because I didn't want to complain.

Fast forward a year later and I've found someone to cover the mess on my entire back. But the process has been so traumatizing and horrifically painful because of all the scars needing to be covered. I have sensitive skin, I get hives easily and I have an aluminum allergy so my tattoo artist can't shave me. I also have a high tolerance for anesthesics, it usually takes about 7 or 8 syringes of numbing agents at the dentist for me.

This tattoo numbing cream has worked WONDERS for me. It's made it so I can actually sit through my sessions, it lasts for hours, it doesn't irritate my skin, it doesn't interfere with how ink takes or the healing. I love it.

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