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2 Tubes Green 40% TKTX  Numbing Cream

2 Tubes Green 40% TKTX Numbing Cream

US$ 26.99
  • Detail
    • Original TKTX, 100% Authenti, Official Website, 100% Guarantee Shopping from

    • 40% numbing (Deep Numb)-Pink Cream
    • 30 minutes super fast numb
    • Fast-acting lasting 3 – 5 hours
    • Apply the ointment covering the entire desired location, approximately 1.5 mm thick;
    • Cover the area with plastic wrap and wait 30 to 40 minutes;
    • Each tube efficiently serves an area of approximately 15 x 15 centimeters;


    • Green TKTX 40% Tattoo Deep Numbing Cream
    • Item: TKTX Green Tattoo Numbing Cream
    • Weight: 10g/tube
    • Period of time: 2 years
    • Is this genuine TKTX Numbing Cream?
    • All our products have genuine holographic, anti-counterfeit labels.
    • Shipped From:  The US Warehouse 


    • Warning:
    • Store above 0°C and below 30°C.
    • For external use only.
    • Do not put this product into rectum.
    • Cap tube tightly when not in use.
    • SAFETY WARNING! Patch test recommended before full usage, do not use if you are allergic, e.g. feeling burn, rash and redness. Avoid interaction with the eye and keep it away from children.

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2 Tubes Green 40% TKTX Numbing Cream
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Customer Reviews

Verified Buyer


I just bought this cream on a whim as a different product I ordered wouldn't get here in time. I had my doubts but I left the cream on for 1.5 hours, and it helped me get through my 3 hour piece! I hardly felt anything at all, but towards the last 30 minutes I'd say it started to wear off, but it achieved my goal of it being pain-free for the duration of my session. I can agree with other reviews it wouldn't work for 3-4 hour pieces unless you reapplied it, but otherwise I highly recommend.
Verified Buyer


Quincy Houston
Good cream. May need to reapply after a couple of hours but yeah it’s cool
Verified Buyer


Quincy Houston
Great cream.
Good cream. May need to reapply after a couple of hours but yeah it’s cool. Not a lot in tube so if you have a’medium to large tattoo you will need ALOOOTTTTT
Verified Buyer


I was absolutely amazed at how well this worked. I was definitely skeptical but boy was I wrong! I won’t get another without this stuff!! Thank you
Verified Buyer


alexandra villegas
Green 40% TKTX Numbing Cream
WORKS AMAZING! Must be applied ahead of time for full effect. WILL CONTINUE TO BUY
Verified Buyer


Kimberly Andrews
It did give me a rash but it went away the next day. I left it on for one hours though and was numb for less than three hours.
Service:The coverage time has been too long
Verified Buyer


Lilly Torres
I was a bit skeptical really about this purchase but this stuff actually works! I used it for a tattoo session I had which was recommended to me by my tattoo artist since the piece is pretty big and on the ribs so she wanted me to be as comfortable as possible and well let me tell you I was! Couldn’t feel a thing a tickle here and there but no pain! The numbness lasted about 5-6 hrs. Will be purchasing for second session.
Verified Buyer


Gabrielle Kohlmann
Haven’t Arrived
This shipped much later than expected and still haven’t arrived. My appointment has already passed and my item STILL shows in transit. 2 weeks now
Service:I have checked your tracking number, and it seems that your package was sent to the wrong USPS facility. It has now been returned to the correct logistics network. I also checked your first order, which was delivered in just 5 days. Please send me an email, and I will give you a surprise.
Verified Buyer


Bobbi-jean Buckley
Used this on the inside of my arm and around my armpit area (super sensitive for me) and it worked!! Could hardly feel it at all. Left it on for an hour, took it off about an hour before my appointment time (hate those wrinkle lines from the plastic wrap) and it still worked wonderfully. Towards the end (3+ hour session), it was fading, but thankfully got to the sensitive areas before it wore off 😊
Verified Buyer


Kyra Leon
Worked very well on the inside of my forearm. I should’ve left the shrink wrap on tighter and longer than 45min though. It lasted me an overall of an hr and a half. Enough time for line work. Highly recommend!!
Verified Buyer


Sarah Bobzien
Green 40% TKTX Numbing Cream
Verified Buyer


Jacqueline Westra
I got a sternum tattoo and it was numb the whole 2-3 hours. I tried other numbing creams like zensa numbing cream but this one TKTX worked the best and lasted longer!
Verified Buyer


Carter S.
Worked perfectly
I applied a moist hot compress for 5 minutes, applied this in a thick layer, wrapped in saran plastic wrap for an hour, and didn't feel anything for the entire first main lining of the tattoo. Started to feel a little in the shading, but my artist just sprayed a bit of lidocaine spray and I didn't feel anything after that. On my ribcage - very sensitive area for my first tattoo. Cannot recommend enough.
Verified Buyer


Samuel Kircus
Best numbing cream in the business
As long as you apply a few mm of cream to the area you’re going to tattoo and then wrap it in cellophane wrap for an hour- hour/half the area will be completely numb for at least 2 hours. After about two hours your canvas will start to feel about 1/4 of the pain. 3-4 hour mark the cream wears off. But you can just take a break and apply more. A lot of my clients go the whole tattoo without feeling any pain. It’s awesome.
Verified Buyer


Corey Beeler
LOVE IT 12/10!
Verified Buyer


OMG!!! This stuff is a GodSend!
Had a 5 hour inner arm sleeve session and the only reason I know I was tattood is that I can see it. Never going without this stuff again!
Verified Buyer


Mark Brandt
Green 40% TKTX Tattoo Numbing Cream
Verified Buyer


Was a little skeptical at first, but I followed the instructions and..... IT WAS AMAZING! Didn't feel a thing and it lasted about 5 to 6hrs. Make sure to do an even coat, if you don't you will feel the needle. Recommend to everyone
Verified Buyer


Ashley Accomando
5 stars isn’t enough for this numbing cream!! My hubby is a tattoo artist and his friend recommend this for my upper thigh/side tattoo. He did the outline and shaded the girl and the roses without numbing cream and I almost couldn’t handle it. He shaded the guy in today with the numbing cream and I didn’t feel anything!! I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone! I will never get another tattoo without this cream. I applied it 2 hours before and wrapped it in plastic wrap we started the tattoo at 3:30 and was finished in 84 mins and it was still completely numb. Hands down the best $14.99 I’ve ever spent!!!
Verified Buyer


Chris P.
It worked great! The difference from my bare first session and numb second session was night and day. My only disappointment was the size of the tube. My tattoo is a decent size on my stomach and there was barely enough to cover it for that one session. It’d be nice to see larger size options rather than debating how many tubes I should by.

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